Friday, December 28, 2007

Invitation to a Leak

It will soon be January and a search team will be interviewing candidates for the presidency of the ECC. Would "Covenant Blogs" be a good place for some leaks? Would other non-official readers and writers like to weigh in on the merits and qualifications of potential candidates or would that just be gossip? Is there a democratizing quality in an open discussion about a variety of names versus the endorsement of one officially proposed name? It would certainly be a new direction.


At 4:00 PM , Blogger Dan said...

OK, so I haven't been around for a while and I'm catching up on your postings. My goodness, Donn, you fit well in CA! What I refer to is our seismically active state is constantly shaking... little jolts there and there up and down the fault lines the vast majority of which go totally unnoticed by those of us who inhabit these shaky grounds, blissfully thinking that we live on stable and unmovable land poohing the predictions of the "experts" who insist that the "Big One" is just around the corner.

Every now and then you through out a little post like this one and I think, "Whoa... this is at least a 4.5!" which you may know by now will get ones attention.

The idea of putting out a list of names to vote on is quite, hmmmm, shocking. What? Me and my congregation weigh the qualities and qualifications of several candidates and send our delegates to cast our vote? What if my/our pick doesn't garner the most votes? What if no one candidate has a majority of votes? Will I trust the process and get behind the final chosen one? Does it really matter to me and my 150 souls here in my little town who is the President of our denomination? See you got me rocking here a little bit... I'll need to think on this. ;-)


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