Sunday, December 23, 2007

Make it Easy

Before worship this morning I read a moving blog entry by my friend Doug Pagitt. It is about an upcoming book about contributing to the discussion about genuine and vital faith. It was just the kind of thing I needed to quiet me before preaching and worship and visiting with several hundred people. So I went to Doug's "comment" section to thank him. But I needed to register first before I could comment on his site: name, email, password, etc. So I did that, went back to his site to than him and was asked for my user name and password. I entered it and the RED letters came up telling me I entered the wrong user name or password. I re-entered it and again the RED letter said "wrong again!" 
So I left. I'm hoping someone tells Doug what a great post he made and how much I'm looking forward to his book. But I got too frustrated at the mechanics of commenting that my energy was diverted from the joy of commenting to the rage of frustration....in a few minutes.
The problem? Well certainly it is me being in a hurry to comment and move on. A service was starting soon and I could not devote more time to redoing the registration process. I get that I am easily annoyed by what I think are unnecessary waits.
But I began to wonder how complicated I make life for others? How many hoops and jumps do people need to go through for me to listen to and hear their hearts? How easy is it to access a pastor these days? How simple do we make entries for those new to the faith, new to our community? Do you need passwords to get into a small group or invited to dinner? What does it take to get your name known by someone in the new church you attend? 
Doug's blog site is his business and there might be some good reasons to make commenting a bit more complicated. But my discovery, now at the end of the day is for me to make life easier for my members and friends, and not more complicated.


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