Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Once" must-see

Last night Luke hijacked my netflix que by inserting an indy film he saw called "Once". We sat down to a realist-filmed movie set in Dublin in the late winter, gray, cold, with muted colors. The story is of a man living with his dad fixing vacuum cleaners, but making street music on his breaks: popular music during the day for paying crowds and his soul-music at night when no one is around. He is encountered by a beautiful young woman who invites him deeper into his music. They form a funny partnership. The scene that moved me most deeply is when she takes him into a music store and plays a classical music piece for him on the piano and then they begin to make music together, he starting a line and she following titled "Falling Down Slowly".  It's a magical scene about the inner heart of how music (dare I say art) is made. Glen Hansard is the Irish guitarist and Marketa Irglova is the Czech pianist. Except for a flurry of "F" words, the movie is fantastic!


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