Thursday, December 20, 2007


In reading this blog, you might wonder if all we do in Santa Barbara is party; from the Jr. High desert to the Trolley-Car caroling to the staff party last night. Well, something happens in a community when you start to celebrate Christmas together with parties and dinners and silly white-elephant exchanges. You eat too much wonderful food (our party at the Trautwein's served a grilled flank steak rolled in coffee grounds!!!) laugh too much and stay up too late. Mornings at church are pretty quiet as patterns shift, out of town guests arrive (Luke and Liz are now with us!) and plans for more parties come into view. 
Partying with other believers is a good anti-dote to life with too many committees. It's nice to sit and laugh along with a story than drive through a content-heavy agenda or get a lesson plan completed and taught. Maybe I have more law in me than grace in that parties are work for me, though in the middle of them I realize how good it is to be part of a party, an invited guest who has a place and belongs, with friends whose names I know and who call me by name. Sounds like Gospel!


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