Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sweet Christmas Morning Solitude

There is nothing sweeter than this. I've finished my 2nd cup of coffee, read the NYT's and am sitting in the cluttered living room after last night's gift-giving. The 5 of us gave gifts to each other till about 11 pm, laughing and joking, tossing paper and ribbons everywhere. Isaac and Luke alternated as the "santa". It was a parent's wish fulfilled. 
I know that tomorrow Liz flies back to Atlanta, and on Friday Luke flies up to Eugene, and on Saturday Isaac flies back to Minneapolis where they are belong and need to be. But for this moment it's sweet beyond words. We will fill the day with petanque, walks, maybe a swim, and figuring out our new family gift "Tivo." 
Last night's candle-light service carried the same sort of energy; families gathered together for a moment from all over. They were really glad to be in one place together for a time. The air breathed of gratitude in an uncertain world. Couples I married years ago showed up with a baby in tow. A husband whose wife we burried last fall showed up with his daughter and son-in-law, tears filling their eyes in both grief and pain. There were so many like us; bound back together briefly. Maybe that's the "resident alien" thing of being a believer in this world. It's not really our destination, but we get glimpses of home briefly, once in a while, and it's sweet.


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