Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I have participated in all sorts of caroling: with candles walking through snow from house to house, through the halls of nursing homes and hospitals, in living rooms with fireplaces, in sanctuaries and chapels with musical accompaniment, but never (until last night) on a trolley, much less 4 trolley cars.
About 40 adults from church rented spaces on 2 of 4 trolley cars that left the Santa Barbara pier for a 90 minute slow troll through various neighborhoods of the community. Homeowners were outside waiting for our procession to come through, bells ringing, carols singing and often cheering the decorating work homeowners did to their houses.
It was cold and misty, but oh so fun. I saw a Santa Barbara I have not seen before from the vantage point of the back seat of the trolley. We laughed together and sang together. It was good!


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