Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Warning: Gingerbread Man!

Our daughter who teaches kindergarten in Atlanta called today with a story from her class. They were making a big gingerbread man, baking it while telling the story to the kids of how it came alive and ran away. They went on a little walk to come back and find the gingerbread man "gone." So they searched the school for the "lost" gingerbread man and found him in the principal's office. There the principal said that this "bad" gingerbread man ran away and that's not a good thing for children to do. When they all agreed about the lesson of not running away, our daughter said "It's time for the reward and we can all eat the gingerbread man." A little girl seriously looked up at our daughter and asked: "If we run away from the classroom, will you eat us too?"


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