Sunday, January 27, 2008

Being Back

Saturday morning Isaac slept in because he had to fix a downed server at work Friday night beyond midnight. I slipped out of the house and drove to a small coffee shop and had coffee and the NYT's surrounded by a south Minneapolis assortment of young urban professionals, mostly women, mostly dressed in black, mostly big due to the layered clothes and down jackets. In the winter, most Minnesotans poof out like dough-boys (or girls). After Isaac got up, we had a substantial breakfast at a Cuban revolutionary diner, covered with pro-Castro graffiti and dread-locked waitstaff. Then we ran some errands until noon, Isaac heading off to Wisconsin to work on his planes, while I drove out to the north suburbs to go cross-country skiing with my good friend Randy. The weather was a balmy 20 degrees, so after getting on the gear, I only wore a sweater and gloves and we took off for a 5 or 6 mile ski around and across the lake his home sits on. Soon we were sweating as we were the only ones out on skiis. It was a perfect afternoon with an old friend on good snow. I really miss the snow and the bracing freshness of wintertime. We sat around his kitchen with fresh coffee his wife brewed and visited with his son and daughter-in-law I married last summer.
Then it was time for dinner with my parents back at Covenant Village of Golden Valley. Couple after couple greeted me with surprise. They were almost all members of the Salem Covenant Church I formerly pastored and part of the Wednesday Bible Study I taught. Most commented on my tanned skin and short hair. After dinner Isaac and I went up to my folks apartment where we visited about old photographs and places we lived, laughing as we reminisced. 
As much as I enjoy having my kids come out to Santa Barbara to be physically present with me,  so too do my parents just like seeing me in the same room with them. They don't need to say anything, just see me and smile at me. It's good for sons to be back for a while.


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