Sunday, January 13, 2008

Confirmation Retreat

What a fantastic time! 11 confirmands and 5 counselors spend the weekend together at Lake Nacimiento studying the Holy Spirit, playing and eating together, worshiping together and just hanging out. In this culture of the over-programmed-kid, Lisa Holmlund brilliantly built in big chunks of down-time for the students to do whatever they wanted. There was no TV or computer access, no cell-phones or distraction. Instead we played Uno, went on hikes, took naps, studied, talked, snacked. I was blown away Saturday night at "stump the pastor" (not very hard to do!!) with the deep and profound questions they peppered me with for about 45 minutes. This generation seems to have a deeper well to go to than some of the classes of former years that seemed more bent on rebelling and pushing buttons than going after God. When Martha and I got in the car last night to drive home after the last talk and worship time, we were too overcome with emotion to talk for a long time. It was a holy moment to have students come to us and ask for prayer and to be allowed that kind of opportunity to see God at work. 


At 2:18 PM , Blogger Mickey said...

Confirmation Retreats are amazing. Until my retreat at the age of 16, I hadn't really fully fathomed my relationship w/ the church. It's actually quite amazing how a well planned retreat can have that sort of effect. Thanks for posting about it, it brings back a special time!

At 12:57 PM , Blogger Liam said...

Indeed it was a magnificent weekend. It was a blessing to see the students respond to the moving of the Holy Spirit!


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