Thursday, January 31, 2008

Covenant Midwinter: Camp for Pastors

The Covenant Midwinter Conference has been a fixed event in the life of the Covenant for years. As a child, I remember our home housing 3 or 4 pastors who came in to the Midwinter in Minneapolis/St. Paul and were put up in our bedrooms and the homes of church members. 
I recall visiting my dad at Midwinters in Chicago when I was in college, swimming in the pool, eating with other pastors, singing and worshiping with them, joking and horsing around. It's what Covenant Pastors do in late January, head off to some central location for teaching, inspiration, collaboration, committees, and reconnection. 
My friend Kenton's son Eric came in as a youth pastor for his first professional Midwinter and his off-hand comment: "This is just a camp for pastors." would not leave me. For the rest of the week I observed our mutual behavior and it was just like camp, only we were all bigger and older. Camps gather disparate people together each year at a fixed location to reconnect, inspire and relax campers. Together we learn new skills and deepen old relationships. We often grow closer to God when we can get away from the distractions of the ordinary and normal. 
That's what we did. Great sounds, inspiring speakers, good seminars, wonderful conversations, important professional connections. Great camp!


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