Friday, January 11, 2008

Off on Retreat

I start another retreat in 25 minutes. It's a different sort of retreat from the staff retreat this past Tuesday at Mt. Calvary Retreat Center. It's a different sort of retreat than the one I used to take alone or with my dad or Kenton, where we spend long hours reading, writing, praying and sharing. This is a Confirmation Retreat with 13 7th and 8th graders along with Lisa, Liam, Ashley and Martha. We will car/van-pool about 2 hours into the hills around Paso Robles and stay at a church member's summer home for the weekend (though I come back late Saturday night for our Worship Director's last Sunday and to preach). This will be high-energy, loud, silly, exhausting, challenging, thrilling, frustrating, and oh so worth it. 
The theme for the retreat is of a Holy Spirit weekend, where we examine the person and work of the Holy Spirit in a modified Alpha approach. Pray for me...pray for us!


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