Saturday, January 05, 2008

Our Family Epiphany

It's been 12 years. 12 years since the surgery that saved the life of our daughter Liz, pictured here with her brother Isaac. It truly was an epiphany for me that's been working its way out into my life. One epiphany was to not waste time on dumb things. I found it easier than ever to walk out on meetings that were time-wasters and stepping off of committees and boards that did little. 
Another epiphany was to wait less and do more. I had lots of dreams, specifically about traveling that I was waiting to do till we could afford it. Nuts, we're doing it now because who knows how much time we have but God? I vividly remembering a Covenant leader's wife bitterly mourning her husband's death shortly before he retired because they were putting all their joy and plans off till he retired. 
Some author wrote that "Nothing gets a person to think more clearly in the morning than the prospect of being hanged that afternoon!" My epiphany that began 12 years ago keeps a little voice asking me "Is this important? Is this a big thing or a little thing? Is this worth it or can you let it go? Will this make a difference or is it passing?"
Today I'm grateful again for the life of our daughter and our sons, for my wife and our parents, for my extended family around the country. I'm grateful to be alive and have another day!


At 4:49 AM , Anonymous Liz said...

and I'M grateful that you're my dad! Thank you for everything, my wise owl!


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