Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Passed the Samaritan Test?

My daughter's friend called her this afternoon. Her friend rain over an object in the road that flattened her tire in downtown Atlanta. So she pulled into the nearest parking lot. It was of Trinity Presbyterian Church. Liz described it as large and impressive. The lot had a constant flow of traffic in and out as the two girls jacked up the car and wrestled with the tire iron and lug nuts. People drove by them for the entire period, with one member stopping their work to ask them directions. But nobody stopped. The longer it went on, the more my daughter's fuse was lit. 
So after the were done getting the flat tire off and the spare tire on, she called the church office and left this message:
"I am a Christian and a pastor's daughter. I know Samaritan values. Today you failed the test!"
Watch out what sort of Samaritan might be in your parking lot today. Don't fail the test!


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