Thursday, January 10, 2008

Staff on Retreat

Staff retreats are so necessary and so hard to get organized. Especially when a number of staff work part-time and have other responsibilities outside of the church. But this past Tuesday a good number of the staff did get away for a whole day (8:00 am- 4:00 pm) to an Episcopalian Retreat House up in the mountains behind the church. It was so important to physically remove ourselves from the church and its many distractions so that we could think about the church and its many challenges. I came back energized and encouraged that we are taking steps in the right direction with the right people. How good it is to not do ministry alone.


At 10:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm curious how many churches do NOT do this? Or rely on something else to bring vision, direction, and continuity to their staff?

In my experience at Valley Covenant Church in Eugene, OR, our 'staff retreat' was limited to a weekend away at the Covenant Pastors Retreat up in Yelm, WA. I'm not sure how many times I attended in the 4 falls I was at VCC, but it was either 3 or all 4. They were somewhat off-target for me as a youth pastor, and seemed directed at senior pastors. They ranged from touchy-feely small group sessions to more doctoral defenses.

There was little time ever spent between my senior pastor and myself, which looking back seems a bit odd. We did not eat together unless I found him. We did not pray together. We did not vision or dream together. There was no together.

I cannot fault him too much, especially in the later years as he and I drifted further and further apart, but I feel there could have been much more done in the early years. Something much like I read about here.

I know our staff was limited to just 3 people, one of whom was part-time. But still, there should have been sometime, somewhere reserved for the three of us to really reflect and vision and dream about the church.

I did this with my own ministry team every year, and sometimes twice. But never about the whole church or even how to bring our youth ministry better in line with the greater church ministry. I suspect this was somewhat due to there being so little said about the greater church ministry...

Anyways, good idea and props to the churches who do this.



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