Friday, January 04, 2008

Truth & Music

I can't shake Glen Hansard's movie "Once". Why? What is it about a movie and music that sticks? I think it's staying and sticking power is its truthfulness. When a musician and his/her music is true, it comes through the back door right into the soul. You know it happens to you when you are going about your business, listening to music and all of a sudden you get goosebumps and tears fill your eyes. Why? A truth just zinged in and nailed you.
So I began to ponder last week during a walk in the hills; is all truth musical? Can there be a truth that is not able to be musically expressed? Clearly we know that not all music is true. There are slick, scamming songs out there meant to seduce is and sell us. There are performers who tweak and adjust their music only to sell and not to speak. 
That's why the challenge of worship is to connect text to truth to sound. It's not about preferences or feelings, but about truth and transcendence. And we also know that not all hymns and worship songs are true. Some have bad theology, some have bad melody, sometimes the sound is outdated or too trite. 
I appreciate the freedom we have here to experiment and blend, to draw from the past and the present, aiming at truth and not customer satisfaction. May your music where you worship this Sunday be true.


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