Sunday, January 27, 2008

Worshiping at my brother's church

Pastors lead worship well. It's what pastors do almost every Sunday. Pastors are not used to worshiping out in the congregation. Instead, they lead worship, guide it and direct it. Sunday my brother Tim invited me to read scripture during worship at Bloomington Covenant Church in Minneapolis (technically Bloomington). It was fun and an honor to participate in worship that someone else, more particularly, my brother, was leading. It's amazing how much one notices when one just observes; like how many people do not use a hymnbook when the words are up on the screen, where the announcement time is placed in worship, how well I was greeted by people (mainly older people) and how friendly it was during the coffee time in the gym following the service. What particularly hit me was that they had servers, men, pouring the coffee and greeting each person coming through the line. It was sweet being able to sit next to my dad during the worship service and sing together (I'm much louder!) And it was even cooler to sit in the pew with Isaac and then hang out and drink coffee with him after the service and not be doing church-work. 
Tonight is a Male Gospel Quartet concert that, while not my style, is for my folks and gives me one more chance to drive them back and forth and be with them.


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