Saturday, February 23, 2008

Back to Basics

Seth Godin's blog site for today echoed a conversation I had with a realtor this past week. We met over lunch on a rainy Thursday. He's been a realtor for 20+ years and I asked him what's different about the real estate business now things are in more than a slump. He paused and said: "It's going back to basics." The big change for him from the last years where property moved and sold above asking prices is that he's gone from being a "property order taker" to a " real estate consultant." When I asked him to translate that for me, he said it means time listening to individuals. It means calling people up. It means scheduling open houses and meeting lots of people. It means not being in a hurry. It means knowing the genuine fears of people in the market to either buy or sell a house. 
Seth Godin's blog site today sounded just like my conversation this week. It's a new world for so many types of businesses...including the church. The slick, franchized and hyped sure-growth programs out of the box are gone. Nobody is excited about the biggest, best, newest and fanciest. Read George Barna's recent blog postings on how burned out the local populations are by church attraction programs versus God-connecting programs. 
How has ministry changed for you? What's different about doing church these days than 10 or more years ago? Is it back to basics for you as well? It is for me. 
My priorities have become clearer: a solid prayer life, good study of scripture (including working the Greek and Hebrew), spending time out of the office and in homes, businesses and restaurants with my people, listening more and talking less, being interruptible, reading widely, writing letters, going out with my wife and hanging out with friends. Back to basics


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