Sunday, February 24, 2008

Church Suppers

Last night MCC Student Ministries held a church supper to raise funds for an upcoming trip to Argentina. Martha and I sat with three other couples from MCC. As we talked around the table, we counted up that collectively our table had experienced over 300 church suppers. All of us grew up in churches and some of us grew up in pastors' homes. We knew all about church suppers of casseroles, pot-lucks, infinite ways to cook chicken, lots up mushroom soups, endless salads and lots and lot of jello!
But last night's meal was unlike any church supper any of us ever experienced before, principally because of the cook and his wife (pictured above: Dr. Niva Tro and Ann). Niva and Ann are gourmands. Niva comes from Cuba and love Latin American food. So we began with a salad of lettuce and Spanish cheese and pears, covered with pine nuts. The main course was marinated chicken and beef kebabs, with onions and peppers between the meats next to a rice number filled with all sorts of spices and vegetables and then plantains. Then for desert they made the best flan any of us ever tasted with dark, strong coffee! 
The conclusion of the table is that Niva should stop teaching chemistry and open a restaurant, or at least take charge of all church suppers from this point out. We got spoiled!!


At 2:55 PM , Anonymous Lucille Johnston said...

Thanks for both the Jibstay and the blog that is up to date. It makes a difference to me. I had been feeling so out of it.
Love, Lucille


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