Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy, Midi Narrative

Dr. Sarah Savage from Cambridge University in an interview with Alan Roxburg on the Allelon podcast put forward a fascinating concept. In studying the faith development of generation "Y" she came up with this banner "Happy, Midi-Narrative" . 
This generation of young people wants neither the meta-narrative of big picture and sweeping story, nor are they zoned out with a mini-narrative of just themselves. Instead they have crafted a "midi-narrative" that encompasses them, their friends and their family. It's a small tribal narrative. The dominant pursuit within that narrative is "happiness" which means involving three groups. Their fear is not judgement or death, but depression, isolation and not looking good. There were, in Dr. Savage's studies, no strong concerns for systemic injustice but mainly to actualize pleasure and relationships. As I listened to the podcast, I could not help thinking of Frodo.


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