Thursday, February 28, 2008

In a World of $20 Bills

What happened to $10 bills? Where are all the $5 bills? They're gone because of ATM's. All we get now are $20's punched out in various groupings. And it seems all we end up with are random $1 bills. The 10's and 5's vanish somewhere!
What do you get for $25? I spend $25 without even knowing it ($2.50 milk, $4.39 for Orange Juice, $5 for a can of coffee, $6 for cheeses, and $7 for some nice meat to grill and I'm over the limit!) Try going with your friend to a movie (boom: $30 easily with munchies). Any shoes out there for $25 ? Hardly. How about magazines? How many magazines for a trip can you buy for $25? Let's go to Starbucks for a nice sweet, hot drink and something to dip in it for 2 and you are at $20 again.
The point is not guilt, but the fluidity of $20 bills. They come and they go out and I don't notice it. A $20 bill hardly makes a difference today.
On Saturday March 8th the 4 churches of Montecito (All Saints by-the-sea Episcopal, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Roman Catholic and Montecito Covenant) will boldly attempt to fill, pack, and wrap 2,000 orange cases pictured above with ointment, bandages, gloves, flashlights, cotton balls, soap cakes, notebooks and pens and a couple other things I forget. Each case will cost $25 to purchase, fill and send to Rwanda. These cases will be put into the hands of World Vision trained care-givers who will take them by foot or by bicycle to approximately 7 HIV/AIDS persons in the end stage of life. Those supplies will last for about 3 months of visits. That means every $25 brings the good news and "cup of cold water in Jesus' name" to 7 people for 3 months! That, to me is a real bargain. That $25 is a big deal.
What makes my heart race on Thursday afternoon one week before the event is that our combined goal is $50,000 or $12,500 per/church. Will we make it? Are there enough $20 bills floating around that need a home to be really meaningful?


At 4:58 AM , Blogger Bill said...

I have often wondered how much it would cost to save the life of one person. I think $20 will save a life - providing oral rehydration therapy for a child who would otherwise die from diarrhea. I just wish/pray this knowledge would change how I spen my $20 bills....


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