Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kingdom Project Update

In the early Fall of 2007, a guy from the church took me to lunch and asked me if I ever heard of the "Kingdom Project." I said "no" and he proceeded to share with me a simple book about this unique experiment. The gist of the experiment is this: he would donate $1,000 to the church for me to give away in $100 bills with three conditions: 1. it's not their money 2. they must invest it in kingdom work in any way they choose 3. they must report back their findings after 90 days.
Today the 90 days was up and we devoted the early part of the worship to their stories. We sat transfixed as we heard about a woman who invested in sewing supplies and, with other women, sent sewing kits through the Mennonite Central Committee around the world. Another contributed to the local clothing shop called Unity. Another bought insulated socks for the local homeless. Another matched up funds and bought 100 gallons of milk and 100 dozen eggs to given through a local food shelf through the Isla Vista Covenant Church. Two guys invested in Kiva.org, a micro-financing not-for-profit helping 3rd world people with small business loans. Another young man invested his $100 in the local People's Self-Help Housing and saw for himself the devastating housing conditions some people must live in. All in all, we were moved to applause and tears. 
When all the sharing was over, there was no time for a sermon (oh yeah, I guess we heard several, I just didn't do the preaching!).


At 6:50 AM , Blogger mark said...

thanks for sharing!

At 7:18 AM , Blogger Larry said...

Thanks for the mention of Mennonite Central Committee. You can read how we use the kits at the following Web site addresses.



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