Friday, February 22, 2008


You cannot live in California and not develop a water-awareness. We experienced an almost two year drought and the devastating fires that burned last summer (see June and July blog entries). During the month of January and February we have had some of the wettest weather in many people's memory, with 10+ inch rains and gully-washing floods. Of course the ocean is on our doorstep with its dramatic tides and occasional big-waves that draw surfers like a magnet. 
But as I lived with the text for Sunday from John 4:1-42, I realized that all of us, everywhere, are deeply water-conscious: of snows pounding the East Coast now, or bone-chilling freezes that solidify lakes in the north, or killer tornadoes and swamping hurricanes pounding our south and mideast. 
The story of the woman at the well is my story; it's your story. It's a story of what do we do with that thirst that just will not be quenched? Her thirst was a bit more visible than most; five husbands and now a lover. But we all have our thirsts that won't go away: success, recognition, love, acceptance, relief, affirmation, validation, ???
Jesus offered her and us a "living water" from which we will never be thirsty again. Give me that water!


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