Tuesday, February 26, 2008

To Do List for the Church

Last night Doug Stevens reviewed David Olson's book "The American Church in Crisis" as part of our Getting to Great seminar. At the end of his review he highlighted what he thought was the best part of the book: the to do list for the church.
1. Be honest about the conditions aroundus
2. Be a leader
a. know true spirituality
b. establish a chemistry (atmosphere) for healthy leadership
c. learn to lead strategically
3. Thrive in this new world
4. Study Christians of the 1st (and other) centuries who lived as minorities
5. Practice pastor up-grades
a. rekindle passion
b. discover Holy Spirit power
c. tap into deep wisdom
6. Engage your neighborhood with hospitality
7. Intentionally plant new churches
8. Develop a cadre of young leaders
9. Expect this to be the era of the Holy Spirit


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