Sunday, March 23, 2008

Buying Anna's Car

Anna needed a car. She was driving a Suzuki "Forenza" that was losing value faster than she was paying it off. So one of her goals in visiting us this Easter weekend was to shop for and maybe buy a new car. She spent hours researching her choices and settled on a VW Jetta between 2003-2007 with a manual transmission. 
She and Martha shopped on Friday and narrowed down to a main choice. I was selected to go with her on Saturday to negotiate the fine points of the sale. Anna stuck to her guns and walked away from one car, only to be drawn to another car (pictured above) that was her actual first choice: a 2004 Jetta GTI with custom wheels, tires, Ricarro seats, and Monsoon sound system. The car really drives! 

This was unlike the walk Liz and I took over Christmas time, posing in front of a new Rolls Royce that might cost 20x what Anna's nice new car cost! Go figure!


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