Monday, March 10, 2008

Chicago: Stewardship Commission

We are all gathered in a big conference room on the 7th floor in the offices of Covenant Trust Company in Skokie Illinois. This commission gathers twice a year to wrestle with how to encourage local churches to employ best practices in regards to stewardship.
Reports this morning have been fascinating presentations by Chuck Walles, Don Meyers and Bill Clark. 
Lots of good news and a good bit of bad news (challenging news). Three great diagnostic questions Bill Clark asks local churches:
1. Do you operate by fear or faith?
2. Do you see yourself as an owner or steward?
3. Do you "get" God's economics? (hint: your being blessed does not mean that others lose.)
An emerging topic is about language and branding: Denomination seems to be a poisoned term while Shared Ministry has greater attraction. It's less about administrative infrastructure and more about compelling missional vision.
More later....


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