Saturday, March 22, 2008

Complicated or Simple?

Complicated people are easy to spot. Complicated people carry with themselves a creative arsenal of self-destructive tools. Now matter how hard and energetically one tries to step in and help, complicated people set off hand grenades that blow things up in the least likely places.
Simple people, by contrast, are not stupid, but seek movement, progress, direction and change. Complicated people do not seek change as much as they seek blame. Movement is less important than conversations; long conversations that circle back to the same place they began: other people at fault. 
In an NPR discussion last week two panelists were exploring what the next President should do with the situation in Iraq. Both panelists were Mid-East experts from leading universities. But one could not get over being mad at President Bush for mistakes. When guided by the host to move on and make suggestions, he couldn't. He was just mad...and complicated.


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