Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Afterglow

Two great services, wonderful food, inspiring music, great decorations and large numbers. We had Anna with us for the weekend as "adopted" daughter, missing our 3 children who were unable to join us. Easter Sunday is a meal-time that needs to be shared with guests. Martha cooked a great ham, asparagus, potatoes, deviled eggs, egg bread, lemon tort, and iced tea. As we talked about the day and all the newcomers and conversations, the echos of the children running all over the campus collecting plastic Easter eggs is what remains in my memory. This was a kid-friendly place today. Under Kim Crawford's leadership, the children were given broad berth to run and play and feel very safe and loved. 
Oh there were comments about this being not enough and that being too much, this wasn't the right way and that was broken, where was he, how come we didn't sing that instead of this. That just happens on those big days with high expectations. But this is one grateful pastor for great volunteers and staff who made the Holy Week sing...and the kids!


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