Monday, March 24, 2008

Extravagant Generosity

It began as a simple picnic to Refugio Beach State Park. We found a quiet spot, ate ham sandwiches and I promptly fell asleep on the blanket as Martha explored the beach. It was nice enough weather to go swimming. But instead of making Martha wait around while I went out swimming, we decided to drive up across the mountains to Buelton and try to find a park Martha heard about. Right across from the entrance to Los Olivos was a sign pointing to the National Forest. We drove up ever narrower roads higher and higher. We would occasionally see some purple Lupine flowers in a small patch or a similar patch of bright orange Poppies. But just as we were about to turn around, after driving almost 13 miles into the back country, there was the wall of extravagant color: bright purple Lupines intermixed with dazzling orange Poppies; several acres worth! All I had was my cell-phone camera to capture the beauty. We need to go back when more of the hillsides burst into bloom with a better camera. But today was God's gift to me of his extravagant generosity!


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