Thursday, March 27, 2008

MCC Student Ministries to Argentina

They gathered last night in the parking lot along with parents and church friends; 10 senior high students and 4 leaders. They were keyed up, anxious, excited and ready. For over 6 months they have been meeting and preparing to go on a 10 day mission trip to work with Mark and Alice Westlind in Argentina. Why Argentina? It's about as far away as a person can fly (over 25 hours of travel time). Two reasons: Lisa Holmlund loves Mark and Alice from her time in seminary and was invited by the Westlinds to lead a youth trip to Argentina and secondly, nobody visits Argentina missions....because it's too far away and too expensive to get to. MCC has been supporting the Westlinds for years and we all felt this was the time and Argentina was the place. They are in the air as this is being posted. Keep the 14 in your prayers.


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