Sunday, March 02, 2008

"Secular Sabbath"

Isn't it weird that some of the best theological writing often comes from the most secular of places? In the "Sunday Styles" section of the NYT's March 2, 2008 issue is an article titled "I Need a Virtual Break. No. Really." It's an insightful and brief article about more and more companies and individuals removing themselves from the grid, the electronic grid that links us all together all the time. These companies and persons are finding that they need a day "to hear the voice of the new inside." 
When is the last full-sabbath rest you have practiced, experienced, endured? When is the last time you were unavailable and untethered from the phone, computer, TV, pda? I can tell you when my last time was...July of 2006 when Martha and I were in France. I did take the lap-top along, but no cell-phone. We purchased a phone-card and called from a phone booth regularly. But except for family emergencies, we were unavailable. The question is, why does it take a trip to France to do that? Why can I not untether here? It's not "here" that is the problem, it's me. Time to find some un-hooking.


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