Saturday, March 08, 2008

World Vision + M-4= 2,000 HIV/AIDS care kits

Army-ants is the best word to describe how 2,000 care kits were assembled in just over two hours by over 200 members and friends of the four churches of Montecito (M-4). A hardy crew set up the gym on Friday night for several hours. Then on Saturday morning people kept coming and coming: children in strollers and backpacks up to a 97 year old. Gang kids came up for community service, 5th & 6th grade girls came after an overnight. College students arrived and really worked. World Vision celebrated during this drive their 100,000th care kit. And it happened here! 
What was most moving was watching all the assemblers find a spot to sit and write an individual prayer of blessing for the care-giver who would receive the kit in Rwanda later next month. While all of us are pretty tired, it's the good kind of tired when people have worked together well for something that is genuinely important. Thanks M-4 friends and members!


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