Saturday, April 26, 2008

Adiaphora: weaving through the tangles

I Corinthians 8:1-13 is the text. The altar-piece clearly portrays the tangled situations we must navigate during every stage of our lives, sorting out that which is central (the Christ-candle) and those wires that distract.


At 5:39 AM , Anonymous Ellyn Erickson said...

Pastor Don & family - I was saddened to see Norbert's name on the white board at Salem Covenant church, but am grateful I had a place to check and get more info. I will pray for strength and wisdom for you all, and hope that these days are as meaningful for everyone, as they are necessary in the process of healing. Please tell your dad I think of him often - you may need to describe me as the granddaughter of the guy who brought rice pudding in Omaha (Albert Hedell). I've realized how he was an example to me when I was so young, as you were to me over the 7 years I experienced you as Senior Pastor. I can't believe it's been 4 years since you baptized my husband, Bob & youngest son, Shawn! People at church are still becoming more meaningful to my family. Our son, Michael, is 12 now, and just wrote an essay for school on the person he admires most - BEN PEASE!!! My eyes misted as I read it, and told him how proud I was of that fact. I'm so glad Ben is there to be an example at this important stage in Michael's life. God is good, and He will never fail us! (That's something I need to keep telling myself in hard stages) Love and prayers, Ellyn Erickson & family (Bob, Michael, Natalie & Shawn)


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