Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back in Minnesota

April 24th and it's going to snow! The view from the hospital window is wonderfully bleak but promising. Bare tree branches outline the horizon with just a faint hint of green buds. The rain blows in sideways and people walked hunched over, as if denying that snow is still a possibility.
All the while my dad is surrounded by the technology of modern medicine, lowering this level, raising this function. But the room is so noisy with the beeps and alarms that go off all the time. How does one get any sustained rest in a hospital? The news about dad is good overall. Waiting is not something I do well, but necessary.
In anticipation of this summer's trip back to France and "sacred space" I'm thinking about being in places we are supposed to be in; places that have necessity and purpose, roles and meaning. Dad has talked a lot about meaningful places that have shaped and molded him. He reiterates how important it is to him that my sister and I are here with my brother and family in this place and this time.
So, it's nasty and wet, getting nastier and wetter, but this is the place to be for me now.


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