Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day #4

Friday was dedicated to the move. After seeing my dad off for his pacemaker procedure (that went very well!) Isaac, my brother Tim and I (and later his son Leif) drove back and forth from Covenant Village to Heritage House to set up our parents' new apartment out of the old. It must have taken 10 loads back and forth through the rain and drizzle, going from cold to hot indoors. But by the end of the day the big stuff had been fully moved to my mother's surprise, and I think, reluctant satisfaction.
How do seniors without trusted family make such a radical and sudden transition? What happens to senior refugees who are here one moment and told then must leave a place immediately? I am so grateful for the support network of Covenant Retirement Communities that will gather around and support our parents during these dislocating moves.
At the end of the day, after saying goodbye to my dad, Isaac and I went to his favorite restaurant "Victor's 1959" a little Cuban restaurant in South Minneapolis. A wonderful by-product of this family-crisis time was the way Luke drove from Chicago to help out for a couple days and Isaac just opened his home and time to us. Liz called in regularly from Atlanta and it all made me grateful for the gift of family.


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