Monday, April 28, 2008

Gaviota Surprise

We are picnicking again. Sunday and Monday Martha made wonderful picnics. On Sunday we drove south (east) to a park in Summerland overlooking the ocean for a quick picnic before afternoon meetings. Today Martha made another wonderful picnic and we drove west to Gaviota State Park (maybe 30 miles away). We were all alone on a hot and sunny Monday afternoon. I am falling in love with picnics again because they are so portable; you can eat them anywhere: even in the car if it rains.

After the lunch, I had to get in the water for a swim. The ocean swells were gentle and the temperature remains brisk enough to go in slowly. But once in, the wonder of the ocean does something to my brain chemistry. Swimming in water as big as the Pacific Ocean makes a person really, really small. Then, fully refreshed, we went for a long walk down the beach. Again, we were pretty much all alone. A couple passed us and told us that up ahead was a grey whale just about 50 yards off shore, probably nursing her baby. Sure enough, there was a spout of mist and a big object rolled over enough for us to see the whale there, enjoying the beach as much as we did


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