Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Get it yet?

What does it take to "get it?" What has to happen before we catch on to our behavior? Several painful situations came to me today that all revolve around not getting it. The situation of the 3rd graders in Georgia plotting to kill their school teacher? Well, that's dumbness at a deep level. Somebody's not getting it at home or school when something gets that haywire!
I talked with a recovering alcoholic about what it finally took for him to "get it?" I talked with some of the guys in jail this past Sunday, some of whom "get it" that they are there because of them. Others of whom are there blaming others and writing it off to dumb bad luck.
This question makes me think back to all those people I know who barged into rooms and took over conversations and never thought it was rude. I think about those people who insist on sitting in the front seat, or at least at a window, but never in the middle. I think of those people who never send "thank you" notes, but complain about the gift.
A phrase someone else said was: "Sinners can get saved, but stupid is forever." Is that so? Or can some people wake up and get it?


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