Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jeremiah Wright: Shame on You!

This is not one more post about Barak Obama's future relative to his handling of his former pastor. Rather this is a reflection on the bad behavior of a retired pastor...who should know better. When I listened to Dr. Wright speak last week in several venues, I heard a bright, engaging pastor who was totally relishing the limelight he now garnered.
That's a problem for us pastors...the limelight and attention. We love being up front and listened to. We love answering questions from intrigued and curious members. We love brights lights and microphones and the sound of of deep voices (or not in the case of women) on sound systems.
And when we retire...it's tough. I've been watching my colleagues retire over the years. Some retire well and some don't. Some know when to step out of the lights and others chafe and long to get back in a pulpit, any pulpit one more time. Dr. Wright's time in the pulpit is over, and he should know that. His is a sad picture of a man from another era and generation who cannot let go and should. Some of his trusted peers and colleagues ought to step in and say: "step back now, sit down, it's not your turn."


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