Thursday, April 10, 2008


Representatives from the four churches in Montecito (M-4) gathered over lunch today to debrief the cooperative venture with World Vision raising funds for and shipping off to Rwanda 2,000 HIV/AIDS care kits. All church representatives reflected how positively their members have responded to joint ventures like this. Sister Kathleen Patrice from Mt. Carmel, who heard Jim Wallis speak the next day at a national conference of Roman Catholic educators said what's happening in Montecito is unique in his travels around the country.
That the four churches work together non-competitively and with a genuine love and respect for each other is compelling. What it means for our future is something the four churches are prayerfully considering. What would happen if churches in other communities actually could work together? It's not that we are better than other communities. Something is happening in our midst together.


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