Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Most Exciting Place to Be: Confirmation

It happened again last night. A room full of wiggly, noisy, short-attention-spanned, 7th and 8th graders gathered for a meal with their families and shared what they learned this past year in Confirmation. They stood together to recite the books of the Bible. A couple of them who did not do their memory work tried to slip behind others and out of the sight of their parents. But their parents knew. Then Martha walked the entire class through our year studying the life of Jesus. Each week Martha put up a picture of some sort summarizing that week's lesson. It was amazing to hear these students remember the essence of each week's teaching. One dad, a Westmont professor, came out of the session with tears in his eyes saying "Some of my incoming freshmen don't know what these kids know!"
Two will be going through the rite of confirmation on Sunday and then being baptized in the ocean in the afternoon. So as I think about my dad's influence on my walk with God and the deep generational time we had together in Minneapolis last week with my brother and sister and Isaac and Luke, I'm deeply aware of the way one generation passes of faith and truth to another. Sometimes we do it well and sometimes we drop the baton. I hope these ones pick up the faith and make it their own.


At 7:17 AM , Blogger Katie said...

Brings back memories when you taught me Confirmation all of those years ago . . . I still remember that I did my paper on Atonement. Thank you for teaching me those basics all those years ago that laid the ground work for every thing else.


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