Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Protection from the Experts

"Lord, protect me from the experts!" I was talking with a teacher the other day about how students learn. He said incoming freshmen are some of the toughest, because they come into school as experts already. They have achieve the pinnacle of success; graduating from high school and getting into their college of choice, and now they must endure the stupidity of the professors. "Protect me from the experts!" he said.
These kind of dreaded experts are the one with declarative statements and few questions. These are the ones who interject opinions into conversations having a hard time to just listen. These are the ones who do not suffer fools lightly and pepper their remarks with sarcasm. These ones...sometimes look like me!!
Am I a dreaded expert or a welcome guest? Do I ask enough genuine questions or are my questions just set-ups for my answers? Am I open to the new thought or the divergent view? Is my mind so made-up there is nothing new able to enter in? How can I both lead and listen? Lord, make me less of an expert and more of a learner.


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