Monday, May 26, 2008

LAX handoff

Our journey began today with a phone call from Luke. He just arrived in Los Angeles from a weekend Ultimate tournament in Ohio with the North Park University Ultimate team. He flew out off Chicago at 6:00 am and called us from Los Angeles at 8:30 am. Martha and I were up and ready about 6:00 am; the pre-trip energy. We drove to LAX, picked up Luke and hit a nearby Starbucks to visit a while. Luke will take our car back to Santa Barbara where his car has been parked for the weekend. He will pack his car up and take off for Eugene, OR where he will spend his summer doing some construction work and....ultimate (of course!)
We are now parked in a very busy Tom Bradley International food court, waiting for our Air India gate to open up "pm" is all they said. I'm glad for wi-fi, and each stage of the journey. Martha is out walking around. Then more waiting, reading, coffee, and I'm sure a good afternoon nap.


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