Friday, May 02, 2008

A Most Unlikely Protest

We were sure it was a wedding: a traffic jam in Carpinteria on a Friday night with horns honking. Then we saw crowds gathered on the four corners of main street and we were sure it was some graduation celebration as cars honked and crowds waved. Then we approached some young people with signs and asked what it was all about, they told us they were protesting the changing of the high school mascot name: "Caprinteria Warriors" a red lettered profile of a native American with a headdress on.
We were amazed! Remember all the midwestern lawsuits and protests about team names that disparaged people-groups? Here on the streets were Mexican-Americans and white folks chanting and yelling about keeping the name "Warriors". When we talked with a church member from the area, they rolled their eyes at the whole controversy. This area, Carpinteria, was home to some of the most ancient Indian tribes, the Chumash. Descendants still live in the community and proudly defend the use of "Warriors" for the school name and mascot.
It seems that some do-good, liberal, outsiders got their dander up and decided to move for a change against the loud wishes of the community, including native Americans and Mexican Americans. I think the Minnesota Vikings offend my Swedish ancestry....they lose too many games!


At 11:01 PM , Blogger Katie said...

Your last comment about the Minnesota Vikings made me laugh. Thank you for a good chuckle this late at night!


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