Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pentecost: It's Not About the Pot

Pentecost gets better as we get older. Young pastors with young bodies that don't pop and creak can give acknowledgement to the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit, but a lot of it they can do themselves (or so they think...I did). But put some years on a body, some miles on the tires, some wounds on the soul and then the power of the Holy Spirit takes on new meaning.
In a lunch conversation with a good friend who has been in academia over 30 years, he told me how his last years of teaching have been his very best. "I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone any more" he said. It was less about him and more about the truths he taught. He discovered a deeper freedom in worrying less about the pot and more about the beautiful flowers within.
Another friend, Jon Lemmond, told me a phrase he has been crafting over the years: "A person's past can be rewritten by the joy of the present and the hope of the future." The Apostle Paul phrases it differently, but with the same heart when he said: "Therefore we do not lose heart..." in II Cor 4:16ff. We do not lose heart because our focus is not the earthen vessel or the flapping tent or the thread-bare clothes, but we focus on that which we cannot see and seek a house not built with human hands. Crazy! True! Liberating!
So, as I go into the weekend of Mothers' Day and Pentecost, my prayer is that I not be distracted by the pots, but see the flowers.


At 8:59 AM , Anonymous Rahab said...

Donn Johnson,
I must make a comment on the fact that "I felt God's enduring power" this morning bringing me directly to this post!! My dear child Eden (daughter) said , Mommy can we stay home from church??? She said, I don't want to see that someone who has hurt our family the most....so I granted her request...ummm..we read our bibles together in Genesis for my daughter to have an understanding, maybe , that I am trying to tell myself & see clearer. Thankful for the academic leaders-"of many cracks & dents in their pots"--he's amazing this SM ...should see him pray on a Sundays Post! When we solemly pray for God's deliverances and His protection-it is amazing how He , Himself provides right at His will-and love comes abounding! Although we missed church today...these special writings have filled an empty void perse' "R"


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