Monday, May 12, 2008

Photos needing captions

"Yes, floor hockey on the basketball court will do damage!"
"See what happens when you have swing dancing with street shoes!"
"The finals tore up the court"
"Earthquake hits Montecito"


At 8:49 AM , Blogger kent said...

last time we host the junior high all nighter!

At 7:56 AM , Blogger Andrew Stonina said...

Splinter in someone else's eye? Look at all the beams that came from our attenders!

At 7:44 PM , Anonymous Rahab said...

Oh Andrew, What you wrote was soooo Funny!!! Made me laugh this eve; just like yesterday while answering a hysterical post on "ZZ Top craze"- a brothers fortune forsure!! So, again I'll share my 2 cents worth...At our santuary of some true pharises, gowns and furrrr; best then we be quite careful....cause those logs are quite large to hurtel over...let alone break down for small fire wood...filled with little termites, trowls, anything that bites!!! It's best to start a small bon-fire --to break down those barriers into splinters of wood! Roast a few marshmellows--yum-yum, they'll be good!!Oh dear...naughty, but Fun!! "R"


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