Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When A Girlfriend Visits

Living in California is great. New friends, a new community, new weather, new foods, and a whole new challenge. But what has been missing is family around us. With my ill father in Minnesota, Isaac and my brother and family also there, Liz in Atlanta and Luke in Chicago, not to mention Martha's family in Virginia and Washington, there are times where I ache for the sounds of family around us.
This week Luke and his girl friend Kelly have been staying with us, filling the house with laughter and the smells of food and tv shows in different rooms. Today we spent the afternoon and evening at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Kelly is an art major and she and Martha had much to talk about in the various exhibits.
One exhibit was titled "California Video" and it was something altogether new for my eyes/mind. I distilled the show like this: if my home tv screen looked like that, I know it needed serious repair or replacement!


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