Thursday, May 08, 2008

Would You Buy Stuff From Them?

The Student Ministries have taken over the entire gym in preparation for a garage sale this coming Saturday. Last night I stopped by to see their progress and this is how they were actually dressed. This is a group of students and leaders who get into their roles a bit too much. There was talk about getting an outfit set up just for me!


At 5:22 PM , Anonymous Rahab said...

Gotta Love It!!! If you look deep into someones eyes...there is a certain pernounced sense of their true colors; therefore, let them dress you up a bit-to fit the character they might see fit!!!! It might just fit the part--and give you a spiritual renewal-A Lift!!! This is great when people can get down and dirty into the funnesses of being unusal!!!! gotta love it~yep! There is a young gal of my daughters; a good friend-unique in her up bringing and character.... she leaves me with nick name of Mrs. Lovett---her hair....my gosh, her hair! Yipes. But, I will say this...Great Voice, and the partner she played with in recent movie in theater as well!!! Yipes. "R"
Why not fit the part...there were a few famous ladies written of in the Biblical days similar...HA! Thought of the same as well.....Their Character--Brings out Fullnesss of Color , and a life of "Faith" and it's real demonstration! Yep!


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