Sunday, June 08, 2008

Journee d'Eglise (Day of the Church)

Today people gathered from all over the area, regular attenders, friends, family and those with marginal connections to the Reformed Church in our community. We had regular worship at 10:30 am with 6 hymns, Scripture readings and prayer and a sermon from james 1: 12-18. Then I gave a greeting to the worshipers from the church in Montecito, showing them the photos of the church sending their greetings. When I went to take their picture waving back to California, my camera went on the fritz! So these photos are after I got the camera working, showing the grilling of Marguez sausage and the conversion of the worship space into a grand eating hall. We ate a salad course, a main course of sausage, pizza, and something else, a cheese course, a desert course, and then, of course...a coffee course. We met old friends and new ones. Little girls tried out their English on me and Martha and others came up with simple French or their own attempt at English, welcoming us in to the community.
Churches do well when they eat together!!!


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