Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thoughts for the New President

With time on my hands to reflect here in France, some thoughts began to bubble around in my brain about the potential new directions the Covenant might go under the leadership of Gary Walters. It's a dangerous thing when my thoughts get cascading. I never know where they will go or how they will be received. The following thoughts came over several days and are meant to be positive-provoking thoughts and not critical of any person or persons. Change time needs to come and my prayer is that Gary will lead it for us well!
1. Welcome to the leadership position of the Covenant for its next chapter.
2. Know that the pastors and church leaders initially invest you with their full confidence.
3. Where you look defines where we look.
4. Pay attention to competence more than loyalty.
5. Pay attention to best practices more than biggest numbers.
6. Honor faithfulness over success.
7. Encourage a culture of self-critique: is there a better way to do things than we have done in the past?
8. Go out on listening tours: ask pastors and church leaders what is important.
9. Re-think Chicago-centrism: seriously re-evaluate the requirement for leaders to relocate to Chicago (when in practice some of our great leaders live outside of the city now).
10. Consider decentralizing power to the Conferences; regionalize the denomination.
11. Find new ways to collaborate with others believers in other denominations and organizations.
12. Keep your prayer and devotional life strong and sacrosanct. Model for us your deep passion to follow God and worship.
13. Care for your family, traveling with them or sending others in your place.
14. Re-evaluate the value and purpose of the yearly and poorly attended Annual Meeting. (see #7 above).


At 8:17 AM , Blogger drgtjustwondering said...

Thanks for these good thoughts, Don. I believe you are right on the money with each one. Every change in leadership brings opportunity for good and positive change in the greater organization- which is in no way a negative reflection on what has happened thus far. We can look forward hopefully and at the same time, look backward gratefully.

LOVED the picture of the gorge and the description of the trout. Be well.


At 6:36 PM , Blogger Kalon L said...

I'll second Diana's comment: good advice Don.

I would just add that the same imperative (#7) for self-critique should apply dispassionately to us as a local church as well. Agreeing on a set of goals and objectives at the start of our church year and then evaluating how we fared at the end of the year can, if understood properly, help us refine our alignment with God's plans.


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