Saturday, July 19, 2008

Learning Leaders?

The church hired a talented man to teach a Sunday School class for adults. This man was a known Bible scholar and well-respected. His class was full every Sunday. The problem? When the class was over, he went home. Not to another church to which he belonged, just home. He did not like worshiping at our church. Those who attended his class and watched him drive home were puzzled by this. Was his teaching job just a paycheck?
Over the years I have observed many types and styles of leaders. But the most compelling and effective leadership I've seen is the learning leader; the person who is just as comfortable sitting in a class and learning as up in front of a class and teaching. In fact, I wonder if a leader can be effective without modeling learning?
Go one step deeper. Can leaders ever be leaders in the church without first demonstrating servanthood, following, listening and learning? In our culture of spiritual individualism, we are too quick to lead and too slow to follow. This is more than posturing, this is allowing others to speak into your life, to point out areas of growth and development. I don't know about you, but I have too few of those people around me.


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