Saturday, July 19, 2008

Martha's Gopher-Battle

Gardening for my wife, Martha, is serious business. Like my predecessor in Minneapolis, Glen Wiberg, Martha is not sure a person can "really" be a Christian if they do not grow things. So I am well-prepared for Martha's gardening "rants" where she comes in incensed about the latest injustice in her garden: slugs, rabbits, poor soil, weeds of one kind or another, aphids (always hated!), drought, and ash from the fires. But nothing gets her going more than gophers. It's the new swear word in our house; just call someone a "gopher" (no offense to the Minnesota mascot) and you are in a deep hole!
Well, this week Martha was complaining to me about gophers and she went to a rose plant with wilting leaves and said "This must be gophers again." I am beginning to pity these poor creatures because of Martha's frequent attacks. When she grabbed the trunk of the rose bush, all that came out of the ground was this puny stub, eaten and gnawed by.....gophers!


At 5:15 AM , Blogger Scot McKnight said...


Don't tell Martha, but we feed chipmunks in our backyard.


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